How to buy your building supplies


On any building project one of the first details that you must consider is what materials you are going to use. This issue is closely linked to the next consideration which is where are you going to obtain your building supplies. It may seem overwhelming when you walk into your nearest building supplies warehouse and are confronted by so many choices. If you don't have a plan in mind then you won't know where to start. You could spend hours wandering down the aisles and still not formulate any concrete plans. Deciding what you need before you get to the supplier is key to success, you can walk in check that they have what you need and see if the materials are within your budget.

What building supplies do you need?

The materials you need will, of course, depend on the nature of your project. If you are rewiring your home then light fittings and electrical cables will top your list. If you are remodelling one or more rooms then wood panelling or gyprock plasterboard may be your first choice. The materials you select will be dictated by practical considerations such as strength, how easy the material is to work with, and aesthetic appearance. You will also have to think about the price of the material, and the final consideration must be the availability of the material, there is no point choosing something if it isn't easy to obtain, or if the cost of importing it makes your project prohibitively expensive.

When will your building supplies be delivered?

How much thought have you given to how your supplies are going to get from the supplier to your building site? You probably don't want to the supplies sitting around on-site for months. The sooner they reach you the sooner have to pay for them, and you are stuck with the materials taking up valuable space that you could put to better use. Before you begin your building project sit down with everyone involved and plan out a building schedule. Use the schedule to arrange delivery of the materials exactly when they are needed.

Where will the supplies be delivered?

Does your supplier deliver where you want the materials, or do they simply do a kerbside delivery leaving your to take the materials onto the site. Kerbside delivery may not be a problem, but you need to know what to expect so you can ensure you have sufficient manpower available to remove the materials from the roadside and avoid blocking the pavement.

By deciding in advance which materials you will choose for your project and planning the delivery of your building supplies carefully you can ensure that your project will run smoothly.


16 February 2018

How General Contractors Can Help You

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