Reasons That Make Retaining Walls an Excellent Addition to Your Landscape


A far-reaching yard is an amenity that most people aspire to have. Having an expansive garden not only means you have extra space to develop as you want, whether that is constructing a swimming pool or a guest house. It also provides you with a great space for outdoor living and entertaining guests. However, to make the most of your garden, you should consider hiring general contractors to construct retaining walls. These structures not only enhance the kerb appeal of your property but they are also highly functional for your overall landscaping practices. If you have never thought about incorporating these features, here are three reasons that make retaining walls an excellent addition to your landscape.

Retaining walls facilitate the movement of excess water

Although Australia was hard hit by a drought, the wet seasons can be disastrous for your property, especially if your residence is on a slope. Without the right measures in place, your property can be vulnerable to flooding during the rainy season, and this will translate into excessive run-off on your land. Retaining walls are the best solution to this problem since the structures work to slow down the flow of the water whilst directing its movement through the proper channels. Thus, not only do the retaining walls help in preventing water pooling on your property, but they also enhance moisture seepage into the earth rather than it being run-off.

Retaining walls keep soil erosion at bay

The second reason why your garden will benefit highly from retaining walls is that these structures help in limiting the degree of soil erosion that your property experiences. If you think eroded soil simply means having to ensure with piles of soil at the perimeter of your property then you are mistaken. Erosion does not simply affect the topsoil. When left unabated, it also uproots plants, which in turn leaves your lawn bare. Not to mention the movement of all surface debris on the ground that will transform your yard into an unsightly mess. Lastly, the more eroded your property is, the more drainage problems you will experience due to the accentuation of the gradient! When you elect to have the retaining walls constructed, you ensure that a majority of your soil is held, and this preserves the fertility of your soil.

Retaining walls add depth to your property

The value of your property is greatly influenced by its kerb appeal. When your yard looks hideous, it will not attract potential buyers, and this will dramatically decrease its resale value. The great thing about retaining walls is that they are not simply functional. These structures also add visual interest to your residence by introducing depth into your landscape. You can use the retaining walls to demarcate different levels that are dedicated to specific elements such as a water feature, a flowerbed and so on.


26 July 2019

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