Reducing the Risk of a Slip on Your Stairs


A staircase isn't necessarily the most adaptable part of your home. It's a functional aspect of your home's layout that serves a specific purpose; namely allowing you to access the different floors of your home. But what about when that staircase needs to adapt in line with your needs or the needs of those who share your home? When someone has mobility issues or diminished motor functions, they might still be able to use the staircase. However, in its present form, the staircase might present a slipping hazard. How can a staircase be upgraded to maximise its available grip and traction when someone is using it?

Two Bannisters Are Better Than One

The staircase will probably already have a bannister on one side, atop its balustrades. The ability to use a hand to steady yourself as you climb will already grant a considerable degree of stability. So why not make it possible to use two hands for double the stability? Consider installing a second bannister. This can be matched in colour, materials and general design to the first bannister and is simply firmly bolted into the opposing wall at an incline that makes it the exact twin of the first bannister.

The Carpet Solution

Adding carpet to a staircase will greatly increase traction underfoot. This is a quick and easy fix in the practical sense, but it might not be an ideal solution in the aesthetic sense. You might well be using the staircase that came with the house, but if you installed an entirely new one, part of your choice will have been determined by the look of the thing. If you have a beautiful hardwood staircase, you might not be too keen to cover it under a carpet. 

Transparent Traction

You can add traction to a staircase without needing to conceal it beneath a carpet. An anti-slip floor coating won't alter the look of the wood. You will, however, alter the feel of the individual stairs, although this is largely the point of the upgrade. An even coat of an appropriate transparent anti-slip floor coating will add texture to the surface of the stairs, essentially applying a thin layer of roughness to the surface for a helpful amount of extra traction.

Although installing carpeting will significantly alter the look of a staircase, it's certainly possible to increase traction and general stability without a drastic makeover of your staircase. Reach out to professionals who build or otherwise work on staircases for more information. 


3 June 2020

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