Balustrades — Which Material Would Suit Your Staircase?


Your selection of materials for your staircase's hand railing is critical, despite the fact that homeowners tend to overlook this aspect of construction. Most people just go with what is affordable, and this is not a great approach. You have to bear in mind that your balustrades primarily function as a safety feature, so you need to choose a material that will be able to secure your staircase. Additionally, the balustrading will inevitably become a part of your interior décor, so you also have to bear in mind how it will influence the stylistic theme of your residence. If you are having a challenging time narrowing down an option that would suit your property, here are a couple of principal materials that you could choose for your staircase's balustrading.

Glass balustrades for your staircase

In years past, homeowners would presume glass was only fit for elite residences owned by people who have an extensive budget. In reality, glass has become a staple in modern day construction, which in turn has resulted in the reduction of prices, making it one of the more affordable investments that you can make. The popularity of glass balustrades can be owed to the fact that they offer an unobtrusive option for your staircase. Whether you have gravitated toward minimalistic style or you have old interior décor, glass is sure to integrate seamlessly with your decorative choices.

Additionally, glass is especially beneficial if you have minimal lighting or a small interior space, as it does not compartmentalise the home. Instead, glass balustrades create the illusion of having an airy space. With the multiple variations that you could select when it comes to customisation of your balustrades, glass makes a perfect choice for any residence.

Metal balustrades for your staircase

Metal balustrades may have been a staple for the outdoors, but they have steadily made their way inside the home too! The reason for the increased interest in metal balustrades for interior applications can be credited to the superior durability and simple maintenance that they provide for homeowners. Moreover, metal balustrades come in an assortment of types, with the more popular choices for staircase balustrading being wrought iron and aluminium.

If you live in a part of Australia that is prone to high humidity, you may be concerned about premature corrosion on your balustrading. For these locations, choosing aluminium would be your best bet, as it does not succumb to rust. Another critical advantage of metal balustrades is that they can be incorporated into other materials such as timber or even glass to curate a bespoke hand railing system for your staircase.


1 February 2018

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